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Love it!

This wand is so easy for the busy mom to get in a few minutes of red light!! I notice a big difference in my tired eyes and crows feet!! Great price too

Great Investment

I bought this for the bathroom that I share with a couple other people in the farmhouse I live in. We used to have an obnoxious LED night light in there that I could see shining down the hallway and under my door at night, unless I covered the gap with a towel. I've never cared for artificial blue light, even before I learned of its negative effects on health, so this is the perfect replacement. I love that the brightness is adjustable, as I tend to prefer dimmer lighting. It has an ambiance you don't get with blue lighting. I'd definitely recommend this for any spot you need to light up at night, inside or out.


My sleep is super sensitive to light, so I have been wearing blackout sleep masks for 15 or so years. They always end up easily shifting on my face to let in too much light. This one doesn't let in ANY light. It's incredible! I'll be buying these for life! The price is worth it.

Red Light Face Wand
dale broderick

Not even a month of using the wand every morning for ten minutes. Photos don’t lie! Love this wand. Also have the bon charge sauna blanket. Great company!

Perfect size PEMF mat for every day

And this little mat is a perfect size. It’s easy to use on a chair as a seat Or behind the back. The adjustable heat and pimp settings are perfect. Highly recommend great product for a great price! It’s also easy to travel with due to its size.

Such a versatile night lamp

I love this lamp - have it on the bedside so I can put it on if I wake in the night without blue light waking me up more than necessary. The fact it doesn't need to plug in means I can pick it up and move around with it too - like a torch. It's also easy to pack when I travel and really useful while away from home.

Red Light Really Helps

I've been using the wand for about a week now, and notice a big difference in skin smoothness, plumpness and brightness. I use it as part of my night time routine for optimum repair time and I wake up looking rested and refreshed. I love this product!

Safe for eyes

I was using LED battery powered lights before I found out that the flicker can be a problem - and the use may have accelerate a cataract progression. I have used the red lamp in the evening and now replaced all the flickering ones with these white ones. My eyes feel rested and I am happy with them.

Red Light Face Wand
Angeline Tan
Lovely and useful tool!

Face was less puffy after using it! So it feels like it helped the lymphatic drainage of my face.

Sleeping better and MORE

I had been only getting about 6-7 hours of sleep every night. Now I'm averaging 8-9!
I feel rested in the morning and my mood has improved!
It's easy to switch between the settings. I've replaced all light bulbs in my house with these.
Worth every penny.

Comfortable with total blackout

I love this sleep mask because it is so comfortable to wear. It also provides complete darkness I bought a second one I liked it so well, Great for for travel

Quite Amazing!!

A friend of mine recommended the mat to me. I went to the Bon Charge site and found the reviews to be too good to be true...they are not too good to be true...this mat is is so amazingly relaxing when you are on it (the heat feels phenomenal)! But what is more amazing is that I have been using the "deep sleep" setting and have never slept better in my life...I wake up every morning feeling more relaxed and refreshed than ever...well, well worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love my new Blue Blocking Glasses

These glasses are one of the most comfortable I have every purchased and I am so thrilled with them - I am going to order another pair in Amber for early in the evening. I totally recommend them, they are comfortable, stylish and the quality is excellent. Thanks Bon Charge!

So relaxing

I’m really happy with my wand. I’ve been using it daily on my face and a chest scar. I find it very relaxing and love the warmth and vibration. I can end up in a bit of a trance. Nice for a wind down.

Highly recommend

This is one of the best night lights I've used. The option to dim this night light is an excellent feature included. Its going to be incredibly convenient to take on holidays. I would typically get disturbed by our old night light and not be able to get back to sleep but this one I've not had an issues since we started using it. I'd definitely re purchase and recommend to anyone who likes using a night light.

I like it

I've purchased multiple of these. For myself and all my closest family. It's very discreet and not noticeable under a phone case at all. The glue is very strong and it wouldn't just drop off.
I trust Bon charge and the science behind it. Every little helps.

Full Spectrum Light Bulb
Very useful

I was intending to use this in just the bathroom but I'm seriously thinking of getting one for the front room now. Very useful for evenings when you want a light on but don't want to throw your circadian rhythms out of whack.

Good product

Good audio quality and fits perfect in my ears.

Red Light Face Wand
Angela Littleton
Loving this device!

I found this through instagram. I follow
a lovely skincare specialist (beauty shaman) who uses this wand and raved about it. It really is wonderful. I’m seeing a brighter glow and it really does help with healing blemishes quickly. Plus it’s so relaxing.. which helps my anxiety. Love.

Love this red light bulb!

This red light bulb has made a huge difference in my sleep, eye strain at night, and headaches. It does have a pretty strong red tint at night, but it doesn't bother me at all and has helped me so much with my circadian rhythm and falling asleep faster. Highly recommend!!

My favorite blue light-blocking glasses

I absolutely love these blue light-blocking glasses! They're by far the best red glasses that I've tried so far, and they're a great price for the quality. They do have a red tint, but it doesn't bother me at night, especially since it helps my eyes hurt less and improves my sleep. Highly recommend, especially if you are on a screen a lot at night!

The best daytime glasses!

I absolutely love these light sensitivity glasses. They're by far the best blue-light blocking glasses for daytime that I've tried so far. They do have a yellow tint, but it doesn't bother me with the work I do on my computer. Highly recommend, especially if you are on a screen a lot or work from home!

Plug In Night Light
Colleen Sims
Blue Light Blocking Night Light

So happy to have found these. I love the auto on feature and the dimming as well. It's bright enough to see, but does not hinder the ability to go back to sleep. I love the two so much I purchased more to use throughout my house. Love my lights! Thank you.

Great Clip On for Enhanced Sleep

When reading about how the blue light blocking clip-on could help with sleep, I had to try them. Happily, they do not disappoint. In fact, I purchased another pair for times I do not need my prescription glasses and just need the blue light blocking feature. Thank you for a great product!

Love love love

Very happy with this purchase. Sexy nerd glasses lol